5 Best and Free Sans Serif fonts for your next Medical Illustration project

top free sans serif fonts for medical illustrations

Sans Serif fonts tend to be easier to read on screens and be associated with modern and clean look. They can be quite useful for clear labels and tags on medical illustrations, digital illustrations for eLearning platforms and apps and website design.

Sans serifs are great font choices for medical illustration projects
Sans Serif fonts lack “serifs” at the end of the character strokes (source: Wikipedia)

If you don’t know how to install fonts, check out this tutorial.

Top picks of Free Sans Serif fonts for Medical Illustrations

5. Roboto

Featuring a largely geometric body and mechanical skeleton with friendly curves. Roboto is a free font offered and commissioned by Google Fonts as a free alternative to the famous Helvetica. It pairs well with the serif Roboto slab.

4. Open Sans

Beautiful and clean looking font, soft on the eyes and clean strokes for perfect visibility.

3. Anton

This free font makes a bold statement, with a narrow profile. Great for headlines and titles.

2. Teko

Condensed sans serif font with a distinctive look and occupies very little space.

1. Spartan

This beautiful and refined sans serif typeface is inspired on the 20th century geometric sans serifs. It makes for a beautiful pairing with Roboto and Open Sans

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