About Artomedics


Artomedics is a portmanteau of the words Art, Anatomy and Medicine.

Because Artomedics is all about the intersection between the visual arts, the accurate study of anatomy and the knowledge and concepts of medicine, all wrapped up in one.

does it

Merging the skills of observation, drawing and digital illustration with the knowledge of a medical doctor.

Artomedics medical illustrations reflect an academic quality that a simple graphic designer just can’t deliver.


Beautiful, Accurate and eye-catching medical illustrations to use in books, journal articles, presentations and more. Available by commission or to license from our catalog.

Social packages featuring anatomy structures to educate your patients and clients.

Translations of medical texts, articles, books and more content between Spanish and English.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your artwork available to purchase or license?

Yes, you can purchase merchandise with the artwork at the shop, or license existing illustrations from the catalog.

How long does it take to produce an illustration?

It depends entirely on the project at hand, the complexity and the number of structures and subjects involved in the project. It may take 1-2 business days for a piece, depending on how much workload there is at the moment. We can work together to set a timeline where you can get what you need and I can deliver an accurate and beautiful illustration, within a reasonable timeframe.

Can you produce artwork and legends in other languages?

Yes, I can work with Spanish as well, as I am a native speaker. Delivering work in other languages other than spanish or english can be arranged for an additional fee upon request.

What’s it like to work with you?

I’m passionate about art, science and tech and I’m a visual person. You tell me your idea and I’m already visualizing possible ways to make it happen. If you’re in the health sciences, you can talk to me in any medical term and I will understand you perfectly and we can brainstorm together how to best present the information. You’ll feel the enthusiasm right away as we dive into the project, visualizing concepts from the perspective of a teacher and a learner as well.

What’s your background in science?

I was trained as a doctor in medicine for 7 years. I am a licensed general physician.

What’s your background in art?

I am completely self-trained in the arts of drawing, sketching and painting, in watercolor, pencil, ink and in digital as well. I’ve been drawing my whole life, ever since I could pick up a pencil. I’m the kind of person who gets excited and lost at an art supply shop. Drawing has been a hobby throughout my whole life and as I went into medicine, I would sketch on anything I could get my hands on, even doodles on the side of paper when taking notes, making sketches observing cadavers in anatomy labs, conceptualizing diseases in visual form so that I could understand the concepts better, as I am a visual learner myself. As the years went on, I got better and better drawing from observations and specimens at labs and at any chance possible, refining my skills on paper and in digital.

Ready to commission? Let’s get to it!

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