Medical Subtitles

Break the language barrier with Artomedics!

Engage with Hearing Impaired viewers

Some viewers rely on subtitles to engage with your content, don’t let the lack of subtitles stop you.

Specialized subtitles

A medical translator will know exactly what medical terms to use in english and spanish, so you can rest assured nothing is lost in translation.

Reach a wider audience

With around 20 countries in the world that speak Spanish, you don’t want miss out on this audience.

Best value for your money

Starting at $2 usd per minute for same-language subtitles, we offer the most affordable specialized subtitles in the market.


SRT subtitle file

These can be turned on and off by the user.

Allows to put subtitles on videos previously uploaded, without losing your views and statistics.

YouTube Videos
Facebook Videos
Vimeo Videos

Ideal for:

Burned on the video

The subtitles are permanent on top of the video.

Instagram Stories/Posts
Tumblr Posts
Whatsapp statuses
Twitter videos

Ideal for:

*Size optimized for each platform requirements.

Prices start at $5 USD per for videos up to 2 minutes. Every additional minute is $3 USD.
Discounts available for bundles and bulk orders.
Payments via PayPal or Payoneer.

The burned in subtitles can have background and have the text color match your brand colors.

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